Transaction Reporting

Accounts Receivable is really composed of three fundamental transaction types: charges, payments and adjustments. It’s the combination of those transactions and their characteristics that make for meaningful management information.

The presentation of the fundamental transaction reports is exactly what the CFO, Business Manager and Executive Staff need to manage. Our fundamental reports catalog was created in collaboration with executive health care managers, your peers and colleagues, which include:



  • Isolate revenue by department, level of care, treatment
  • program, financial class, payer, provider or other important metrics
  • Revenue for any period, a month, a day, a year is immediately available
  • Revenue as a Journal Entry in detail or summary
  • All Transaction Reports output to .pdf or spreadsheet presentation for additional analysis


  • Daily Cash to Accounts Receivable reconciliation to promote cash controls
  • Filter, sort, isolate and focus on payments and adjustments by payer, financial class, level of care and other key indicators
  • Payments and Adjustments Journal Entry in detail or summary
  • Reports display in .pdf by default or spreadsheet presentation

Payments and Adjustments

Payments and Adjustments

Charge Posting Report

Logik Solutions Charge Posting Report

MEDIK Client-Server Features

Multiple Billing Formats
Customizable billing formats assignable to each payer

Accounts Receivable Trial Balance
Summary or detailed aged receivable trial balances

Prior Authorization
Increases revenue, minimizes denials, and promotes efficient treatment planning. Learn about prior authorization.

Census Development
Increase occupancy with the right kind of patients. Learn about census development.

Transaction Reporting
Daily and periodic reporting of revenue and Accounts Receivable

Charge Generation
MEDIK charge posting is streamlined, sleek and efficient. Learn about charge generation.

Electronic Clearinghouse
MEDIK Clearinghouse services cut costs and quicken cash flow. Learn about our Electronic Clearinghouse options.

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