Claims Submission as fast as Your Internet Connection

Logik Solutions’ clients submit claims to third party payers using the HIPAA compliant 837 file format. The benefits of electronic claims are well known to behavioral health providers, such as quick processing, diminished costs, fewer errors and enhanced cash flow.

Logik Solutions MEDIK software generates the HIPAA Compliant 837 claim format. Some clients submit their 837 directly to payers, especially when there is a particular insurer comprising a significant portion of our customer’s payer mix. We also work with payers to process the HIPAA 835 electronic remittance advice to electronically post payments to patient claims. A direct submitter relationship with a payer saves money. Once the electronic relationship is directly established there is no additional per claim fee to our clientele.

Some insurance companies do not permit direct submission of the 837 claim file from providers. In other cases a clearing house with access to the entire third party payer community is simply more practical than direct submission. When a third party clearing house is required we are happy to work with the clearinghouse you choose. But we have a preference to work with our long-established clearing house partner ZirMed.

Logik Solutions and ZirMed have worked in concert since 2006. We have a special relationship with ZirMed that includes two very important features:

  • Preferential pricing for Logik Solutions’ clients
  • Special 1:1 access to a ZirMed client support specialist consigned to Logik Solutions’ staff and clients

Logik Solutions negotiated the unique, personalized support we enjoy with ZirMed based upon unsatisfactory experiences with other clearing houses who trapped our customers into protracted, annoying, seemingly circular phone jail menus that bogged down communication and impeded problem solving. ZirMed’s 1:1 support ensures no such impediments. With ZirMed set up is easy. Training is provided to Logik Solutions’ clientele. The ZirMed user portal is secure and easy to operate. ZirMed and Logik Solutions have developed direct interfaces to submit claims, retrieve the various claim confirmation reports, electronic remittance advices , electronic eligibility verification under one comprehensive, seamless system.

With ZirMed major industry initiatives, dating back to the “4010,” UB-04 and “5010” went smoothly, and our clients did not experience delays in claims processing that were endemic to the behavioral health industry.

As you contemplate improvement of business practices through technology, the partnership between ZirMed and Logik Solutions will be a tangible element in accomplishing your goals.

MEDIK Client-Server Features

Multiple Billing Formats
Customizable billing formats assignable to each payer

Accounts Receivable Trial Balance
Summary or detailed aged receivable trial balances

Prior Authorization
Increases revenue, minimizes denials, and promotes efficient treatment planning. Learn about prior authorization.

Census Development
Increase occupancy with the right kind of patients. Learn about census development.

Transaction Reporting
Daily and periodic reporting of revenue and Accounts Receivable

Charge Generation
MEDIK charge posting is streamlined, sleek and efficient. Learn about charge generation.

Electronic Clearinghouse
MEDIK Clearinghouse services cut costs and quicken cash flow. Learn about our Electronic Clearinghouse options.

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