Serving Enterprise Level Behavioral Health Providers

Logik Solutions creates billing and accounts receivable software for enterprise level behavioral health providers. Our software maximizes cash flow while minimizing overhead.

What We Do

We furnish the programming and solutions required by the behavioral health industry to generate bills in the fashion required by the payer community—solutions that meet these needs are considered a distraction by the large main-frame vendors. Logik Solutions serves the behavioral health and psychiatric industry at all levels of the continuum of care, including acute care psychiatric facilities, residential treatment centers, drug and alcohol specialty programs and outpatient services, including partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs. These services lines are part of our ordinary vocabulary because we have provided the right billing solutions across this continuum to maximize collections and reimbursement.

LOGIK SOLUTIONS was founded in 1989 when some of the first software programs were created for the medical community to address the new concept of “Prospective Payment.” At that time capital outlay for software capable of dealing with prospective payment was enormous, and small and medium sized health care providers could not afford the limited offerings on the market. LOGIK SOLUTIONS found a way to affordably meet that need.

Since then we have grown and serve our core clients--community mental health centers, free standing psychiatric hospitals, addiction treatment centers and long term residential care facilities. We have incorporated and pioneered our system improving our programs and the technology while keeping up with evolving industry initiatives.

While we have grown to serve about 250 clients nationwide, our commitment to customer service and support has not diminished. We provide a personal, responsive support from experienced health care operations professionals and software architects.

We listen to our clients and work with them to develop the software and solutions for sustaining cash flow, optimize staffing, and reducing expenses.

As you evaluate your information system needs and long range plans we hope you will consider making Logik Solutions part of that planning.